About Us

Sowkea Enterprises is promoted by M/S Vignesh Polymers, a leading player in South India in the manufacturing of injection moulding components for brands like Samsung, IFB, Toyota, Hyundai at Chennai and Goa. Sowkea brings its expertise in Technology and Just in Time Supply which is essential for the Food Industry. Sowkea Agro had identified and tied up with large coconut farms in and around Pollachi on long term basis for the best quality coconuts.

The Vision

Sowkea means Well-being. The very term Sowkea: Well-being encompasses both physical & mental health and therefore holistic health.

Sowkea Agro endeavors to serve agro-based natural products to consumers at the right quality and affordable prices. Provide a healthier choice of products to consumers, by being a pioneer and innovator in the Agro sector leveraging the best of technology.

Sowkea will abide by ethical and follow the best practices to market all our portfolio of products. It also aims to protect farmer interests and restore their pride back in them.

CEO Profile

Sowkea Enterprises has been started by Mr. R B. Sivakumar, a first-Generation entrepreneur, who also started ‘Vignesh Polymers’ in 2005 providing employment to around 600 people in Chennai and Goa. Hailing from an agricultural background his passion and love for nature and farmers has been the primary seed of motivation to start an agriculture-oriented company ‘Sowkea Enterprises’ along with the experience he gained in Manufacturing.